Prize Value: £183.00

Illamasqua are an innovative British Beauty Brand whose makeup products aim to make a statement and be different from the rest of the crowd. Their brand was inspired by ‘the innovators in the 1920 Berlin theatre industry who created high performance, long lasting professional makeup’. A lot of Illamsqua’s products feature a range of vibrant and bold colours enabling their audience to express their true creativity through experimenting with makeup that isn’t as conventional as other brands.

Cohorted, Luxe, Competition, illamasqua
Cohorted, Luxe, competition, Illamasqua

Prize bundle Includes:

  • • Beyond Powder - OMG
  • • Beyond Liquid Highlighter
  • • Beyond Face Palette
  • • Unveiled Artistry Palette
  • • Masquara Raven
  • • Precision Gel Liner

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(Closing date: 31st July, 2021)

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Cohorted, Luxe, Competition, Illamasqua

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