Our Global Challenge

It is hard to think of another time when the world has faced such an unprecedented challenge.

Coronavirus (Covid 19) has completely dominated the attention of the world’s media and public, with confirmed cases exceeding 12 million and rising. The health community have now given guidance on how we can all help to protect ourselves and others, by using essential PPE such as Hand Sanitiser and Face Coverings

The Essentials Edit

The Essentials Edit is the UK’s first monthly consumer subscription box that delivers recommended PPE and premium aftercare products.

It’s no secret the harsh effects of frequent PPE use have on the skin. So, we curated a combination of high performing beauty care items, that work together with recommended PPE, keeping you safe while not compromising on your wellbeing.

Our Heroes Pledge

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of COVID-19, but you can make a difference and give back. With every Essentials Edit subscription we have pledged to donate one item of PPE to the NHS.

The NHS has played a Heroic role in protecting the nation and our loved ones. Our pledge is to help give back and help all key workers that dedicate themselves every day to protecting and helping the nation's citizens.

First Core PPE Element

Premium Reusable Face Covering

It is vitally important that we all wear a face Covering for our safety and to comply with recent Government guidelines. *The UK Government have announced that facial coverings must be worn on all public transport, hospitals, and shops.

Our face coverings can be washed at higher temperatures to remove any bacteria. They are reusable, and kinder to the environment being recyclable.

The Essentials Edit
Water Resistant
Breathable Coverings
Reusable Coverings
Machine Washable

Second Core PPE Element

Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub
50mL flip top bottle

Our gel is made in the UK and feels great to use. It meets Bactericidal standard EN 1500 (hand sanitiser) and contains a 70% alcohol formulation with infused moisturisation properties.

Performance Specs:
    • • Kills most common germs that may be harmful
    • • Specially formulated to help hands feel soft
    • • No-rinse hygienic hand rub
    • • 70% alcohol formulation

    We will also provide you with moisturising and hydrating after-care to keep your skin healthy and glowing.


    SWorth over £40.00, say hello to all 10 items that makeup our new Essentials Edit, the UK’s first wellbeing & PPE subscription box.
    All our products are cruelty-free. Our packaging is responsibly sourced and, best of all, sustainable.

    Face Coverings

    x2 BeautyPro Calming & Hydrating - Rose Infused Sheet Covering 22ml - £8.00

    Face Coverings

    x4 Cohorted Reusable face Coverings
    - £8.00

    Hand Cream

    x1 The Organic Pharmacy Hand Cream 20ML
    - £9.00

    Face Cream

    x1 Context - Oil-Free Daily Moisturiser 20ml
    - £12.00

    Hand Sanitiser

    x2 Cohorted 50ml Alcoholic hand rub
    - £3.00

    Eco Mailer Box

    x1 Biodegradable Poly-mailer and Eco mailer box

    Giving Back to Our Heroes

    We are delighted to support the NHS and show our gratitude with our ‘Heroes Pledge’ by donating one item of PPE to the NHS with every Essentials Edit subscription we process.
    Help us to help them.

    Now more than ever we need to work together, and by subscribing to Essentials Box Edit.

    For every purchase we will also donate an item of PPE to NHS frontline workers.

    SUBSCRIBE NOW - £9.99