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How we can help your brand

How we can help your brand

Cohorted is the UK's leading luxury beauty discovery box. We bring the magic of product discovery online. In the Cohorted shop, consumers can find full-size versions of every product sampled as well as other editor approved verticals - more than 3,500 in all, from over 250 brands. Cohorted also features robust editorial content designed to educate and inspire consumers, from how-to videos to look-books and on-trend blogger collaborations. Cohorted's innovative approach allows brands and consumers to connect in a unique and intimate way.

With a highly personalized and targeted profile, Cohorted allows consumers to try the best and latest products in the comfort of their home, including hard-to-find international and niche brands, and provides a seamless way to purchase full-size versions of the high - end products they love. We’re proud to have helped thousands of consumers discover the best new products for them whilst connecting brands with new audiences nationwide.


Our unique advantage sampling programs put your brand and products in the hands of a targeted collection of buyers.

Why work with us?

We are the number one luxury subscription Beauty Box provider in the UK. Our database of over ten thousand discerning customers provides the perfect platform for brands with a luxury positioning, the opportunity to introduce their products and brand story in a unique and engaged manner.

Our Talented team and expertise enables brands to develop a respectable footprint in a competitive market and connect with an audience of brand relevant women that love to discover new beauty brands.

Success Measurement.

We believe in data and a sampling initiative that has meaningful outcomes for brands. We obtain data that helps to support decision making throughout the value creation process; enabling valuable consumer insight, informed product development and customer retention success.

Our partner network.

Through our strong partnerships with industry partners including Condé Nast Britain, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Independent, Cohorted is able to leverage its media network to reach millions of brand relevant women worldwide.

Join Our Brands

From long established brands including Estee Lauder to emerging cult beauty innovators MDM Flow, Cohorted offers a unique luxury positioning for our audience to discover your brand.


If you are interested in working with Cohorted and discovering more about our process
please contact our Marketing Team.